Police Brutality in North Chicago

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Police Brutality in North Chicago

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

According to a February 2012 report by WGN.com, a man who allegedly received a beating in June of 2010 while in custody of the North Chicago police department is joining 18 others who are coming forward, alleging that he was a victim of police brutality. The apparent beating was captured by the North Chicago department’s own surveillance cameras in a police interview room. Additionally, the Chcago Tribune reports that since 2005, “at least 10 lawsuits and six other complaints of excessive police force have been filed against North Chicago, including a fatal shooting that prompted the city to pay a settlement of about $1 million.” This wave of police misconduct has lead to the paid suspension of North Chicago police Chief Mike Newsome.

The Law Offices of Malman Law is astounded by the level of brutality exercised by many police officers while arresting individuals or dealing with the public. Although the majority of police officers are immensely valuable to our society and do a great job keeping us safe, there are always a few police officers who abuse their duty through unjustifiably violent actions.


Police brutality can include excessive physical force, physical assault, verbal abuse, violent threats, false arrests, sexual abuse or assault, intimidation, racial profiling, or other kinds of discrimination by police officers, prison guards, and law enforcement officers or officials. The psychological and emotional trauma that comes from this type of brutality can be severe, especially as law enforcement officers are entrusted with protecting people, not violating or abusing them.

Not only is any kind of violence inflicted by any person wrongful and illegal–but police brutality is a violation of Section 1983 of the Federal Civil Rights Act. Section 1983 allows individuals to sue state actors in state or federal courts for such civil rights violations.

There is no excuse for police brutality or civil rights violations. It is a violation of a person’s civil rights. If you feel you have been subjected to police brutality, contact a Chicago personal injury attorney today.

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