Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

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When residents and their families rely on a nursing home, all staff members are expected to provide the best care. If nursing home residents can’t trust a facility to provide a safe and comfortable environment, there are nursing home abuse attorneys who can make sure that nursing homes adhere to state and national standards for proper care. It’s not always easy to detect the behavior of abusive staff, but here are a few signs to observe.

Unexplained Injuries

Sometimes when visiting a nursing home resident, you might notice bruises or other injuries that are present. Injuries should never occur at a nursing home and can constitute negligence, but if they are unexplained and overlooked by nursing staff, it could be a sign that they are mistreating them.

Emotional Distress

If a resident isn’t receiving the right medications, this could result in depression, anxiety and the worsening of a mental illness. Residents with or without a history of mental illness who express more emotional distress than usual may also be victims of verbal or physical abuse. You should do what you can to observe the behavior of staff members during your visits, listening or watching for unusual interactions that make you feel uncomfortable.

Financial Exploitation

Nursing homes should always respect the rights of every resident when it comes to finances. Nursing staff can sometimes manipulate residents by falsely befriending them to gain trust. In doing this, individuals can get residents to pay for preferential treatment or change their wills to acknowledge them as recipients. Always be on the lookout for unexplained charges or alterations made to all financial documents, as these can be signs of nursing home abuse.

If you require compensation for any cases of nursing home abuse, you can contact a nursing home lawyer for the right representation.

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