Slip-and-fall Accidents On the Rise Across the Country

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Slip-and-fall Accidents On the Rise Across the Country

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

While people in Chicago and all across Illinois, already know what living in severe winter weather is like, other states are also getting a taste of the colder weather this year—and the dangers that come with it. In Mississippi’s Jackson County, more than 25 people have entered the hospital in the past three days for winter-related slip-and-fall injuries, which is an abnormally high number of patients for the area.

While the injuries so far have not been life threatening, hospital staff had to stay overnight to attend to the influx of patients from slip-and-fall accidents, particularly elderly patients.

Dangerous Winter Conditions

Slip-and-fall accidents during the winter are, unfortunately, common all over the country. Attorneys especially see these accidents happen frequently in areas like Chicago, where dangerous snow and frozen water is more likely to cause issues.

Seventy percent of all slip-and-fall accidents occur on flat and level services, making the likelihood for slipping on ice high for pedestrians.

A slip-and-fall accident could result in a broken bone, or it could cause something more severe, like a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury. Elderly patients are also more at risk for slip-and-fall accidents, so if someone you know will be going outside in less-than-safe conditions, make sure they are equipped with shoes with high traction. If you can, try to have someone accompany the person outside for extra safety. If your loved one does slip and fall here in Chicago, you will need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible to handle the case.

How Can a Slip-and-Fall Accident Lawyer Help You?

If you or a loved one has recently had a slip-and-fall accident on a patch of ice that you think a property owner should have prevented, a slip-and-fall attorney in Chicago could help you get the justice you need.

Whether you were visiting a business that did not de-ice its parking lot or sidewalks or you fell outside your apartment and think your landlord should have taken more precautionary measures, a lawyer who concentrates in slip-and-fall cases will understand exactly what you’re going through and can work with you to represent your case. Even if your slip-and-fall injury in Chicago resulted not directly from the weather, but from general negligence, you may still have a case. Your injuries may have resulted in hefty medical bills, and you need compensation to pay them.

The lawyers at Malman Law see many cases of slip-and-falls throughout the winter months and have the expertise to handle your case, too.

See if you may have a case by reading our download on personal injuries, or contact us today.

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