Take You For A Ride: Disney Slip and Fall Accidents

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Take You For A Ride: Disney Slip and Fall Accidents

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

Disneyland will take you for a ride in more ways than one, according to a recent Reuters article. The popular theme park in Anaheim, California has apparently been hit with nearly 140 lawsuits alleging personal injuries over the past five years. An analysis of the corporation’s legal history also revealed that slip-and-fall accidents the major causes of visitor injuries at Disneyland. About one-third of all lawsuits against the theme parks were filed after visitors tripped, fell, or slipped on the ground, floor, or pavement.

In one of these Disney accidents, eggs that were left on the floor of Goofy’s Kitchen in a Disneyland hotel were the culprit. In that incident, a woman sued after she slipped on the eggs and injured herself. The woman settled her case out of court.

However, injury lawsuits against Disney have rarely made it in front of a jury over the past five years. This is most likely because the company has a public-relations incentive to settle cases quickly and quietly. In fact, Disneyland has lost only one jury trial since 2007: Disney paid a woman more than $500,000 after a food-court umbrella blew over and hit her in the head, triggering seizures.

While 140 Disney accidents which resulted in a lawsuit may seem like quite a lot, the number of Disneyland injury lawsuits is actually quite small when you consider that Southern California theme parks draw a combined 25 million visitors a year.

Slip and Fall Accidents

As the Disney accidents displayed, there are many reasons why a slip and fall accident may take place. A department store may have not installed hand railings in the proper locations. There may not be enough lighting in a hallway. There may be uneven cracks on a sidewalk, or a broken step in a dark stairwell. The premises have certain conditions that make it unsafe or dangerous, leading to serious injuries such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, cuts, or bruises.

In addition, there are a number of different types of slip and fall accidents:

  • There is the “slip and fall” accident: an injured person’s shoe and the floor fail to interface properly and he or she slips and falls.
  • There is the “trip and fall” accident: a person trips on an object or a fault on the ground.
  • There is the “step and fall” accident: a person steps into something, such as a hole on the ground, and falls.
  • There is the “stump and fall” accident: a person stumbles over something on the floor.

Premises Liability

The nature of each claim may vary, based not only on the kind of injury that you’ve sustained, but whether the slip and fall accident took place on private, public, or commercial property. Slip and fall accidents, like dog bites, fall under the legal area known as premises liability law, which makes sure that property owners don’t take you for a ride if an accident occurs on their premises because the conditions of the property were unsafe or dangerous.

At the Malman Law, our personal injury attorneys have the experience, skills, and resources to provide you with quality legal representation in your slip and fall accident. Not only do we want you to receive the maximum recovery to cover your medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering, but we are committed to getting the owners and occupants of private and commercial properties to exercise greater caution when ensuring that their premises are safe for others.

This way, if your summer includes a visit to a theme park that results in injury, an experienced personal injury attorney can help with your case and make sure they don’t take you for a ride!

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