The Extreme Dangers of Impaired Truck Drivers

Monday, March 22, 2021

The Extreme Dangers of Impaired Truck Drivers

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

The Extreme Dangers of Impaired Truck Drivers

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 146 accidents involving impaired truck drivers in 2018. While these accidents are much less frequent than other motor vehicle accidents, catastrophic consequences can follow. Those whose lives have been impacted by these crashes are forever changed. Due to the stressful nature of their jobs, truck drivers have a high rate of alcohol use. When they take their use on the road, there’s no telling what kind of damage could be done. A dedicated Chicago truck accident lawyer from our firm is available to meet with you to discuss your case if you or someone you love was injured in one of these accidents. 

Alcohol’s Effects on Truckers

Being a truck driver doesn’t make someone any less susceptible to the dangerous effects of alcohol. The results of alcohol impairment include:

  1. Reduced reaction times
  2. Compromised decision-making and judgment
  3. Impaired motor control
  4. Altered or blurred vision
  5. Lower inhibitions when it comes to taking risks

Behaviors of impaired truck drivers include:

  1. An increased stopping distance
  2. Failing to recognize and obey traffic control devices and road signage
  3. Swerving, weaving, and running off the road
  4. Not being able to perceive other vehicles or pedestrians
  5. Dangerous passing, speeding, and other aggressive driving

It’s no wonder why truck drivers who are impaired by alcohol significantly increase the risks of catastrophic accidents. If an impaired truck driver caused your accident, don’t delay contacting a skilled Chicago truck accident attorney to seek the compensation you deserve.

Why Impaired Driving Is Different Behind the Wheel of a Truck

What’s different about drunk truck driving? The short answer is the truck. On average, a passenger car weighs around 4,000 pounds. A tractor-trailer loaded carrying cargo weighs in at about 20,000 pounds or more. Sometimes they can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Commercial trucks are considerably larger than the average passenger car. The average tractor-trailer cargo truck is at least 50 feet in length.

Passenger cars have blind spots, but the driver can simply look over their shoulder to see if there is anyone in their blind spot. Tractor-trailers have to have special mirrors to allow drivers to look into their extremely large blind spots. Even with these mirrors, a truck driver’s line of vision is still partially blocked. 

Cars decelerate from 55 miles per hour to a safe stop, including reaction time, in approximately the length of a football field. However, semi-truck drivers need almost twice that distance to come to a safe and complete stop.

This all adds up to two significant points; a truck is harder to drive and more destructive in an accident. Of course, alcohol impairs truck drivers in the same ways it impairs other motorists. However, because of the inherent difficulties associated with operating an oversized vehicle, truck drivers are more likely to cause a crash. An accident involving a big rig can cause devastating injuries and damages.

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