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Earlier this week, two Chicago police officers were injured after a car slammed into their SUV in the East Garfield Park neighborhood. Police said that at the time of the crash, their SUV had its lights and sirens on and they were responding to a call. The officers said the car ran a red light and crashed into their squad car around midnight at the intersection of Kedzie and Warren.  The driver of the car tried to run away from the scene, but was quickly apprehended. Police say that alcohol may have been a factor in the crash.


Car Accidents and What You Need to Know

In a car accident such as this where the at-fault party was easy to find and apprehend, the proceedings are easy enough—especially when law enforcement officers were the victims. Getting into an accident is stressful, but the number one important thing to remember is that you absolutely cannot leave the scene without exchanging information with the involved parties—especially if you are at fault. Not only does this not clear you as the at-fault party, but it can tack on additional charges of fleeing the scene. If you are not the at-fault party and the person who hit you tries to drive off, try your best to get their license plate number so that when you file a police report you can pass that information along. If there are any witnesses who stop, ask them for their information in case you need to verify the details of the accident.

What to Do If You’re in a Car Accident

If you’re in a car accident, make sure to get insurance and contact information of all involved parties, and seek medical care as soon as you can if you need it.  Hiring a car accident lawyer is also recommended, especially if there is property damage or someone has medical bills that need to be paid. Attorneys who concentrate in car accidents and personal injury have a lot of experience dealing with doctors, insurance companies, and other relevant parties involved. As such, will have valuable advice and provide a beneficial service to you. Don’t get left stuck trying to deal with seeking compensation or help on your own—many personal injury lawyers, including the skilled professionals at Malman Law, work on a contingency basis, meaning that you only pay for their services if you win your case.  Get the help you need—if you’ve been in a car crash, contact a car accident lawyer today.


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