Was Your Chicago Slip & Fall Accident the Result of Negligence?

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Was Your Chicago Slip & Fall Accident the Result of Negligence?

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

Slip and fall accidents are consistently among the most common causes of preventable injuries in Chicago and the rest of the United States. They can cause surprisingly serious injuries, including broken bones, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), hip fractures, and even spinal cord injuries. Fortunately for victims, when these injuries are the result of someone’s negligence, they can typically recover compensation for their accident-related injuries under Illinois law.

Examples of Negligence that Can Cause Slip & Fall Accidents

Negligence occurs when a person fails to use the degree of care that would ordinarily be used by a reasonable person in similar circumstances. There are many hazards that can cause slip and fall accidents that are typically attributable to the negligence of the person or entity that is responsible for the maintenance of a premises. Some of the most common include:

  • Wet floors
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Cracked pavement
  • Exposed electrical wiring or cables
  • Debris in walkways

Protecting Your Rights after a Chicago Slip & Fall Accident

As a slip and fall accident victims, it’s vital to understand that there are certain steps that you can take to protect your rights and ensure that you receive any compensation that you are owed. Some of the most important of these are described below.

Document Your Accident

If your accident took place in a commercial setting, it’s very important that you request that the manager create an incident report. In addition, take photos of the hazard that caused your slip and fall and try and ask anyone who witnessed your accident for their contact information.

Seek Medical Attention

It is extremely important that you see a medical professional after a slip and fall accident, regardless of the severity of your injuries. When you see a medical professional, it will result in the creation of an official medical record, which can be used as evidence when it comes time to establish your damages.

Do NOT Accept a Settlement Offer Before Talking to an Attorney

Sometimes, property owners or their insurance companies try and settle cases by offering unreasonably low settlements before victims have a chance to talk to an attorney and find out what their cases are really worth. Remember, you only get one chance to settle your case, so you need to be sure that any settlement you accept adequately compensates you for all of your losses.

Call an Injury Lawyer in Chicago as Soon as Possible

You should call an attorney as soon as you can after a slip and fall accident. While you are unrepresented, there is a chance that you will say something to the insurance company or at-fault party that can hurt your case. A lawyer will protect your rights and ensure that you obtain the full and fair value of your claim. 

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If you have sustained injuries in a slip and fall accident in the Chicagoland area, you may be entitled to substantial compensation for your accident-related losses. Malman Law wins 95 percent of their cases and will review the facts of your accident at no cost to you. To schedule a free case evaluation with a personal injury attorney in Chicago, call our office today at (312) 629-0099 or contact us online.

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