What Happens After a Hit and Run Motorcycle Crash?

Thursday, September 26, 2019

What Happens After a Hit and Run Motorcycle Crash?

Illinois law clearly requires drivers to stop and remain at the scene of any car accident that resulted in property damage. If someone is injured, the driver has the duty to offer reasonable assistance to that person, as well as provide the necessary information to others involved in the accident. This includes the driver’s name, contact information, and insurance information.

Despite criminal charges and penalties for leaving the scene of an accident, some people still choose to drive away and leave injured victims alone to fend for themselves. This can happen in any type of crash, including motorcycle accidents.

Why Drivers Hit and Run

There are many different reasons why someone might flee an accident scene and, generally, it is to avoid serious consequences for unlawful activity. Some examples of why this might happen include:

  • The driver has a suspended license
  • The driver does not have the mandatory insurance coverage required in Illinois
  • The driver was impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • The driver has drugs, weapons, or other contraband in the vehicle
  • The driver knows they have a warrant out for their arrest

No matter what the reason might be, seeing a driver flee the scene after they crashed into your motorcycle can be devastating. If you are seriously injured, it might be difficult for you to even call 911. Furthermore, if you incur medical bills, lost income, repair bills, and other losses, who will cover those?

Seeking Compensation after a Hit and Run

After a hit and run, you should always call 911. Not only will first responders give you the medical attention you need, but the police will also file a report about the hit and run. Police officers can speak with any witnesses to help identify the driver and/or vehicle. In some cases, law enforcement officers are able to track down the driver who fled in the days following the crash. In this instance, you can then seek to hold the driver accountable.

What happens if the driver is never found or if they do not have insurance? If you are in this situation, you should have an attorney review your insurance. If you have uninsured motorist coverage, you can file a claim under that policy. Insurance companies treat hit and runs as if the motorist was uninsured. These claims can be complex, though, even if you are dealing with your own insurer. It is still important to have legal assistance during the uninsured motorist claims process to protect your rights to the settlement you deserve.

Speak with an Experienced Chicago Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

It can be distressing to be injured in a hit and run crash. Motorcycle accidents are difficult enough without having to worry about how you will get the compensation you deserve. You should not wait to discuss your options for financial recovery with a trusted Chicago personal injury attorney. Malman Law handles all types of accident and injury cases, so please call (312) 629-0099 or contact us online for a case evaluation with a member of our team. 

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