What to Do if Insurance Denies Your Claim

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What to Do if Insurance Denies Your Claim

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

When you’re involved in a car accident, you probably call your insurance company to file a claim relatively soon after the incident. You probably assume that, since you pay your premium on time, the policy you hold will cover damages and injuries. Unfortunately, insurance companies work for profit, and can deny claims as they see fit. So what can you do when your provider denies your claim after a car accident? A car accident lawyer will be of the utmost help in this situation.

Why Would Insurance Deny a Claim?

When insurance companies have to pay out to cover damages incurred by one of their clients or to someone one of their clients hit in a car accident, it affects their bottom line. Making as much money as possible is what keeps these companies in business and thriving, so they have every motivation to deny claims for compensation. Despite what you may think when you sign that check every time you pay them, these companies are not on your side. Contacting car accident lawyers when your insurance claim is denied is a smart first step toward getting what you are entitled to after an accident.

How to Pursue Compensation

Just because your insurance company denies a claim for compensation, doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Car accident lawyers know how to deal with insurance companies better than the average person does, and they have tricks you may not know about. If your insurance company denies a claim and you still feel you have a case, contact a car accident attorney for help. They can put together a case, and many work on contingency—meaning you don’t pay unless they can win a case—so money doesn’t have to be a worry when deciding to do so. Don’t settle for a rejection letter or a “no”—getting legal representation can have a huge effect on the outcome.

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