Why Do Drivers Run Red Lights?

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Why Do Drivers Run Red Lights?

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Being in an accident is a stressful situation, especially when someone running a red light was the cause. Often, when a driver has violated a traffic rule, they are going to be liable for the damages caused in the accident, which their insurance company should cover if they are insured. 

Knowing which insurance company to target when looking for coverage on your damages can be confusing, and negotiations can be frustrating, but the right attorney can help. A Chicago car accident lawyer at Malman Law can answer any questions you might have and help with every stage of a car accident claim.

Aggressive Driving

There are many reasons why drivers might run red lights, either intentionally or not. One primary reason is that a driver is running late, gets impatient, and engages in aggressive driving behaviors. By running a red light intentionally because they do not want to wait, a driver can cause a serious car accident and life-changing injuries to others.

Distracted Driving

On the road, one of the most significant problems is distracted driving. Distracted driving is driving when your attention is not fully on the road for any reason. Even though Illinois has laws against using a cell phone while driving, many people do so, and they might blow through a red light without even knowing it.

Passengers in the vehicle are also a common cause of distractions, and this is generally difficult to prove, although many states do have rules against beginner drivers having passengers in the vehicle. Knowing the local rules and regulations will help determine whether the other driver wasn’t being responsible.

Weather and Road Conditions

The conditions of the road are also a factor to take into account in red light accidents. As autumn approaches and winter weather begins in some areas, slick hazards on the road like wet leaves or ice will be increasingly common. It is important that drivers be extra cautious during these times, as road conditions that are not great require more careful driving. If someone is driving too fast for the conditions, they might not be able to stop in time for a red light and might slide through the intersection, colliding with other vehicles.

Liability for Your Losses

When a driver has violated the rules of the road by running a red light, they should be liable for the injuries and damages that they cause. A lawyer can gather evidence to prove the driver ran the red light, including footage from intersection cameras, convictions of traffic infractions, witness reports, and more. You need to present a strong case so you can collect your compensation as soon as possible.

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