Why Motorcyclists Need to Wear a Helmet This Summer

Monday, June 24, 2013

Why Motorcyclists Need to Wear a Helmet This Summer

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

Summer has officially started, which means that more Midwestern motorcycle owners will take to the streets. Unfortunately, studies by the Highway Loss Data Institute have shown that motorcycle injuries in Michigan are on the rise, and not simply because there are more riders out there. The main reason for the unusual increase in injuries has been attributed to more lenient helmet laws.

Last year, Michigan lawmakers decided to set an age limit on the helmet law, allowing bikers 21 or over to ride without a helmet. Most states require certain riders to wear helmets, but only several require all bikers to wear them, and both Illinois and Iowa are the only two states with no helmet laws at all. When compared to other nearby states, Michigan’s increase in injuries was about 22%.

Wearing a helmet has always been a crucial safety measure to prevent deadly motorcycle accidents, and the fact remains that motorcyclists should continue to wear them regularly if they want to remain safe. Many bikers may be tempted to take advantage of added freedom, but motorcycle injuries can be both costlier and deadlier if precautions are ignored. You should always do what you can to improve your ride, and a helmet will save you from some of the most damaging accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that in states requiring all riders to wear helmets, 97% of riders wore them, as opposed to the 58% found in states that didn’t require them. That 58% can increase dramatically if riders were simply more willing to protect themselves and prevent more motorcycle injuries.

In the end, you have the freedom to preserve or risk your life when it comes to wearing helmets. If you are ever injured in an accident that results from someone else’s wrongdoing on the road, talk with a personal injury lawyer in Illinois today.

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