Woman Hit by Amtrak Train—Are Trains Causing More Personal Injuries?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Woman Hit by Amtrak Train—Are Trains Causing More Personal Injuries?

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An outbound Amtrak train struck a woman stuck on the tracks yesterday, mere days after a separate Metra accident. The woman, who was driving with her dog, had been driving her Volvo station wagon on Harlem Avenue when she became stuck in traffic and was then trapped on Amtrak’s tracks. While she was stuck, the train’s signals began to flash, and the crossing gates lowered, leaving her helpless.

Amtrak had not scheduled for the train to stop in Riverside; it then struck her car at approximately 2:39 p.m. The woman went to a hospital in Berwyn for non-life threatening injuries, and the dog appeared to be uninjured. The woman has not taken legal action with personal injury attorneys yet.

How Safe Are You on a Train?

Trains have become a popular mode of transportation—especially for those living in Chicago—but lately, train accidents seem to be occurring more frequently.

Train accidents can sometimes occur when the driver losing the control of the vehicle or for not paying attention, but in certain instances, the injured can hold the train conductor and company liable for any damages from the accident.

Train companies are required to give adequate warnings when a train will be crossing the tracks. When train companies and conductors act recklessly and disregard important regulations, severe and even deadly accidents can occur, and they should be held responsible for their actions. In this case, Amtrak had not scheduled for the train to arrive, yet it ultimately struck the woman who had no way to move from the tracks. For preventable accidents that result in personal injuries of others, you may need a lawyer to establish a case.

When Should You Seek a Lawyer for your Train Accident Injuries?

Trains are incredibly powerful machinery, and, because of the force behind them, conductors should operate them with particular care. Because of their abrupt, sudden movements, train accidents can cause injuries that may worsen over time and result in future medical bills. If you or your loved one has been involved in any kind of train accident, whether a collision or derailment, legal representation may be necessary.

Train accident and personal injury attorneys concentrate in these cases, making sure the injured and their families know their rights and can have proper legal representation.

The lawyers at Malman Law have had experience with personal injury cases of all kinds, including train accidents. Our lawyers will help investigate the cause of the rail accident, as well as the details surrounding the case, like how fast the conductor was traveling or if he or she provided proper signal to cars and pedestrians.

To begin your case, contact Malman Law today, or read our e-Book download on personal injuries.

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