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Biker’s Arm from Motorcycle Accidents In Chicago

“Biker’s arm” is not a repetitive strain injury like tennis elbow – it is caused by impact. It is a common result of a motorcycle accident because you will instinctively draw in your arms in anticipation of an immediate collision, thereby causing them to bear the brunt of the impact.

The Danger of Delay

One potential pitfall arises from the fact that the pain of biker’s arm might not manifest itself immediately after the accident, thereby tempting you to avoid going to the hospital until the symptoms become obvious. Such a delay in medical treatment can give the defendant room to argue that your condition was not caused by the accident.   Motorcycle biker’s arm might involve nerve damage that could cause long-term immobility in your arms and fingers. If you work with your hands for a living, this immobility might cripple your earning capacity and justify extremely high compensation. Expert legal assistance is essential.

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A Word from a Satisfied Client

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Other Types of Motorcycle Accident Claims

Malman Law handles the following types of motorcycle accident claims, among others:

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