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The Mount Greenwood community of Chicago is a wonderful place to spend time. You might find one of us dining at Barraco’s on 95th Street or strolling around neighborhoods like Tally’s Corner. When our Mount Greenwood personal injury lawyers meet with our injury clients, however, the mood is inevitably more somber – it just comes with the territory of personal injury law.

Anatomy of a Personal Injury Claim

Not all injuries give rise to personal injury claims, of course. Generally, you need to identify someone at fault for the injury, and that someone usually cannot be the person who was injured. There are exceptions to these general rules that apply to workers’ compensation claims, product liability claims, and dog bite claims, for example – where you might not even need to prove fault.

Once you identify a defendant, you need to determine whether to assert a claim against the defendant or his insurance company. Most personal injury claims are paid by insurance companies. Typically, the next step is to open private settlement negotiations – 95% of our clients’ successful claims are resolved that way. If negotiations fail, a trial will be necessary.

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