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If you have been injured in an accident our highly experienced Naperville Accident Lawyers at Malman Law are here to help. We represent victims of accidents and injuries. It is vital that you contact a knowledgeable and proven Accident Attorney as soon as possible after an accident. We can help answer your questions and help fight for your rights and compensation. Over the last 23 years, our accident and injury attorneys have represented over 20,000 injured victims who have collectively received over 200 million dollars. Most of our clients never have to go to court, because we settle 95 percent of our clients’ claims.

About the Naperville, Illinois area

If you’re looking for an area of Illinois that holds several accolades, look no further than Naperville. As Illinois’ fifth biggest metro region, Naperville boasts a population of just under 150,000 (according to a 2013 census) but exerts a cultural and economic influence far greater than the sum of its inhabitants. A 2006 issue of Money Magazine named Naperville the second-best small city in the country to reside in. It has also made the rankings for safest cities by USA Today and has even been named among the wealthiest Midwest cities, according to research. With such wonderful characteristics, and a location that has several parks and preserves while still residing close to downtown Chicago, how can you go wrong?

Unfortunately, despite the city’s many charms, many things can go wrong in Naperville, just as in other cities. Auto accidents near the Ogden Avenue Strip, for instance, can result in life-ending or life-altering injuries. Construction accidents near the HQ of Dukane Precast, slip and fall accidents near Riverwalk Quarry, or a motorcycle crash near Commissioner’s Park can all leave devastation in their wake, and lead to mountains of medical bills and seemingly endless frustration. This frustration is particularly real if any of these accidents were caused due to no fault of your own. Now, you’re stuck picking up the pieces – and paying the bills – after someone else’s negligence caused your life to up-end.

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For over two decades, Steven J. Malman has battled aggressively for injury victims in the northern Illinois area. He even offers a zero fee guarantee – in other words, unless the firm can collect on your behalf, you won’t owe a dime. We also provide free, confidential consultations and 24/7 accessibility. Our Naperville Accident Attorneys can even visit you in the hospital or at your home. Discover real solutions to your injury woes by getting in touch with the experts at Malman Law by phone or via our online form today.

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