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A serious accident can turn your life upside down in a millisecond. You might find yourself literally upside down in an automobile accident on the Stevenson Expressway, for example. Or you might fall down a flight of stairs at a local shopping center. No matter how it happens, a lot of distress will enter your life immediately.

When you realize that the accident that injured you was somebody else’s fault, it is natural to feel angry. You would be wise to contact a personal injury law firm to help you demand the proper compensation. Many of our clients over the years have called Near South Side home; in fact, we have met with quite a few at nearby Mercy Hospital and the University of Illinois Hospital.

How a Personal Injury Claim Typically Unfolds

The first step in formulating any personal injury claim is identifying the defendant. Once that is accomplished, the typical next step is to identify his insurer and file a claim with the insurer. Of course, not all personal injury claims are paid by insurers, but most are. Never forget that insurance companies are for-profit businesses that lose money every time they pay a claim.

Insurance company executives are professional negotiators with only one goal – to save as much money as possible for their employer. And they will eat you alive if you attempt to represent yourself in a substantial claim. But that’s OK – at Malman Law we are professional negotiators too. We know all their tricks, and we won’t let them take advantage of you.

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