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If you suspect that your loved one may be a victim of nursing home abuse, job one is to make sure the abuse is halted immediately. After that, it becomes important to transfer your loved one to another facility should that become necessary, and to seek compensation for the damage that has already been done. Don’t let an abusive nursing home get away with abusing its patients.

Preparing Your Claim

Contacting administrative authorities may succeed in getting the abuse halted quickly. It will not, however, result in compensation for the abuse your loved one has already suffered. To make that happen, you are going to need to collect evidence, admissible in court, that can establish every element of your nursing home under the “preponderance of evidence” standard.

At Malman Law, the Numbers Speak for Themselves

Your loved one is entitled to full compensation for the abuse he or she suffered, and your claim might be worth more than you think. Compensation, of course, means cash – not persuasive arguments, not groundbreaking legal precedents. At Malman Law  we understand this and we deliver.

  • We have served over 20,000 clients, 95 percent of whom have won their claims
  • Our clients have won over $200 million through our efforts
  • 95 percent of our winning clients never see the inside of a courtroom – instead, their cases are settled out of court.

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“This firm has gone above and beyond to keep me updated and get answers to my questions at any time, weekends included! Malman Law rules in my opinion!” – Cheryl Wagemann

More About Bridgeport, Il

Bridgeport, Chicago, home of the Chicago White Sox, also boasts the Bridgeport Art Center and the Zhou B Art Center. The community’s diverse population of over 30,000 also includes thousands of vulnerable senior citizens. Other elderly Bridgeport natives have been forced to leave the community to reside in nursing homes in other parts of Greater Chicago.

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