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From Devon Avenue to Foster Avenue, and from Ravenswood Avenue to the shores of Lake Michigan, Edgewater is never far from – well, the edge of the water! Lincoln Park is never far away either. Among Edgewater’s 50,000 plus residents, over 6,000 qualify as senior citizens, some of whom reside in the nursing homes that dot the general vicinity. Virtually no one relishes the prospect of placing their elderly loved one in a nursing home; sometimes, however, there is no other choice. When that happens, you are trusting the nursing home with the care, well-being, and even the life of your loved one. It is an atrocity when the institution betrays both you and your loved one by committing or allowing nursing home abuse.

Distinguishing Abuse from Unavoidable Health Problems

Of course, health problems are common among the elderly, and the harm that has come to your loved one may or may not be the result of nursing home abuse. You are likely to need the assistance of an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer to detect the presence of abuse and to tie it to specific acts or omissions by the nursing home.

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