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Sadly, nursing home neglect and assisted living abuse is a disturbing reality that cannot be denied. Although nursing homes are supposed to provide a safe haven for seniors and the disabled, staffed by caring and professional caregivers, regrettably, that is often not the case. As people live longer, and the number of nursing homes and assisted living facilities increases, the number of cases of nursing home neglect, assisted living abuse, and retirement home negligence grows exponentially.

Abuse in nursing homes is disturbing and, in some cases, downright disgusting. Since 1994, as a nursing home lawyer in Chicago, IL, Steven J. Malman has seen it all. Based on our experience, we can identify warning signs of abuse and neglect, help with improvements in the care, and acquire the deserved compensation for injuries, medical costs and suffering related to neglect or abuse.

At Malman Law, we provide vigorous legal representation for victims of nursing home negligence and abuse in the Chicagoland area. We are passionate about fighting for our clients, and if you or a loved one has suffered an unexplained injury or illness in a nursing home, we want to help you stand up for yourself and enforce your legal rights.

We handle the following types of cases:

In more than 20 years of practicing personal injury law in Illinois, nursing home abuse and cases of neglect comprise some of the most infuriating matters we have handled. Regrettably, most family members and residents are unaware of the resources available to them.

Thanks to the Nursing Home Care Act, carelessness, neglect, and abuse are actionable offenses. If either you or a family member develops bedsores at a nursing home, the facility should verify that the sores were inevitable and that the staff offered efficient care after the detection.

Bedsores, otherwise known as pressure ulcers, can be debilitating and even fatal to confined elderly patients. In some instances, bedsores arise due to poor decisions by nurses. In other cases, the facility’s pervasive culture of neglect and nursing home abuse may be to blame.

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Unexplained fractures and falls among the elderly (65 years and older) are the principal cause of death and injuries. If you are seeking reliable resources to assist a loved one or an elderly friend who has sustained injuries in a fall, you can trust the reputable, reliable, and highly successful personal injury lawyers of Malman Law.

At Malman Law, we seek to protect and fight for our clients. The most likely cause of most fractures and falls in the elderly population are unfortunate accidents. However, a considerable number of these injuries are preventable with appropriate precautions, supervision, and resources.

When an elderly person moves into a nursing home, it becomes the facility’s responsibility to offer a hazard-free environment. Incompetence, abuse, and even neglect can result in fractures and falls.

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Malnutrition affects countless elderly persons in nursing care around the nation. If you suspect a loved one is not obtaining the nourishment he or she requires, the Chicago injury lawyers at Malman Law may provide you with the necessary assistance.

For over ten years we have handled complex cases involving nursing care. Owing to our extensive experience, we have created an effective, comprehensive, and systematic approach for fighting for victims’ rights.

Our goal is to provide our clients with legal representation to attain the best solution. Simply because an elderly person does not seem to obtain sufficient nutrition from their diet does not necessarily imply nursing home neglect.

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Death is an unfortunate occurrence in nursing facilities around the nation. According to published statistics, approximately 1 out of 5 to as many as 1 out of 4 deaths in the U.S. occur in nursing homes.

If you believe the death of a friend or loved one was directly or indirectly related to nursing home abuse, a Chicago wrongful death lawyer at Malman Law could offer the necessary guidance. For over ten years, the attorneys at Malman Law have worked relentlessly to fight for their clients’ rights.

Establishing the exact grounds for death can be hard, especially without an autopsy. Frequently, ailing elderly patients exhibit several conditions concurrently. Therefore, establishing whether or not neglect contributed to or caused any medical issues can prove difficult in the absence of a precise investigation.

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When elderly persons move into nursing facilities, they anticipate prudent, compassionate, and proactive treatment. Regrettably, statistics reveal that numerous facilities provide inadequate, or at times, wrongful care.

The personal injury attorneys at Malman Law have tirelessly fought against outrageous nursing home neglect and abuse for over 15 years. Furthermore, we have dealt with issues ranging from accidents to neglect.

We adopt a methodical, client-centered, and time proven process to probe allegations, develop structured arguments, and leverage our expertise to produce results.

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In today’s society we expect medical interventions to be beneficial rather than detrimental. However, the Chicago personal injury attorneys at Malman Law can prove that many of the nation’s nursing homes frequently fail in this regard.

A recently published study in the American Journal of Medicine reveals the severity of nursing home neglect. According to this study, researchers discovered that randomly chosen nursing facilities in the Northeast could have prevented more than 40% of injuries.

In another study conducted in Massachusetts, researchers discovered that almost 75% of injuries among elderly patients were preventable. These statistics underscore a great disconnect between the principles held by society on the treatment that seniors should receive and the reality of nursing home care.

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Every year, 200,000 Americans die from sepsis. Reliable reports suggest that nearly 20 million people worldwide suffer from these bacterial blood infections. The Chicago Illinois personal injury lawyers here at Steven J. Malman & Associates have successfully litigated a variety of sepsis related injury claims.

Nursing homes can be havens for bacteria and viruses that cause infections. Elderly residents’ weakened immune systems, relative social isolation, and medical complications put them at much higher risk — not only for sepsis itself but also for complications from infection.

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Dysphagia – trouble with chewing and swallowing – afflicts hundreds of thousands of seniors in our nation’s nursing homes. The Illinois nursing home attorneys here at Steven J. Malman & Associates can help if you or a family member has suffered injuries resulting from negligence, abuse, or other kinds of lapses of care at a facility.

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Unreasonable restraint of nursing home patients can increase risk for injury and death. The Chicago personal injury lawyers here at Steven J. Malman & Associates strive to deliver solid strategies and solutions for victims of unreasonable restraint, and we provide a zero fee guarantee and a 24X7 hotline for potential claimants.

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The financial exploitation of elderly Americans – particularly seniors who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease – is not only morally reprehensible – it’s also a crime that can result in significant penalties, including major fines and jail time. The Chicago elder care attorneys of Steven J. Malman & Associates, PC, have dealt with numerous cases of elderly financial exploitation, and we have a deep knowledge of the law and resources claimants need to seek justice effectively.

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In this case, a 72 year-old bedridden man had been ordered by his doctor to have his bed rails raised. A head nurse at his facility, (who, we later discovered, was unlicensed to practice in the United States), noticed that our client’s bed was broken and that one of the sides lacked rails completely. Instead of fixing the bed, he simply shoved it against the wall next to the radiator. While our client was sleeping, he rolled onto the radiator and burned his legs so badly that decubitus ulcers formed. Eventually, his legs had to be amputated. Our thorough and comprehensive investigation resulted in a $1.7 million verdict for our client.

$1,011,864.50 – VERDICT

We obtained a record setting verdict in a case against a nyrsing home. Our client was a nurisng home resident who was dropped in the shower room during a transfer resulting in a fractured hip requiring the surgical placement of two metal rods and screws in her leg and hip. Upon return to the nursing home, the surgical site became infected requiring surgery to remove the metal rods and screws. The nurisng homes offer to settle was unacceptable so Malman Law took the case to trial. The jury agreed!


In this case, our 80 year-old client was discharged from a hospital to a nursing home with the wrong dosage for one of her many medications. The nursing home failed to correct the mistake and the phaytmacy filled the prescription. Adter 10 days of taking the medication at the wrong dosage, our client died. Malman Law held the hospital, nursing home and pharmacy responsbile for her death.


In this assisted living case, we able to establish that our 84 year-old client was not a suitable resident of an assisted living facility and should have been in a nursing home with more supervision and fall precautions. As a result of the lack of supervision, our client fell out of bed striking his head leading to his death.

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Attorney Boyer and his staff were and handling my situation, they kept me updated on everything that was going on in my case and assured me that everything will work out and it did, I can't say enough about Malman law.

Minuyard W - March 2, 2016

I was very comfortable with the firm, Bella was very good at keeping me up to date on everything that was going on and explaining all so I could understand. I feel Malman fought hard to get my family everything they could for the pain and suffering my brother went through, he was always put first in all of this. Thank You for all your hard work Bella and your kindness.

Jose M - March 1, 2016

I would be very likely to recommend the professional staff of Malman Law to anyone going through a trying time such as the one I did.

Chris P - February 19, 2016
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