Bloomingdale, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

Nursing home facilities should never allow themselves to fall below the highest standard of resident care. Many nursing homes maintain the most comprehensive care, but there are some that fail to meet quality standards. If you or a loved one has suffered from the mistreatment of nursing home staff, be sure to contact a Bloomingdale nursing home lawyer for help when it’s needed most. Here are some indications of abuse or neglect that can occur in facilities.

Emotional Trauma

Abuse and neglect at nursing homes don’t always have to appear as physical symptoms. In many cases, inattentive or careless staff may not provide residents with enough opportunities for social activity or exercise to satisfy emotional needs. Residents may also not receive psychiatric care on a regular basis that is required to maintain optimal mental health. If you know a Bloomingdale nursing home resident who’s not being treated for emotional trauma, talk with a Bloomingdale nursing home attorney for much-needed attention.


Nursing homes are required to meet the nutritional needs of all residents. Should a facility fail to provide nourishing meals, residents can experience health issues that can even wind up life-threatening. If you are concerned that nursing home residents aren’t receiving the proper nutrition, speak to a nursing home negligence lawyer immediately for advice on how to move forward.

Complications of Surgery and Injury

Sepsis and other infections can develop into serious situations if not treated and prevented. Elderly patients are especially vulnerable because of weakened immunity, and should never be allowed to have their lives threatened by neglectful nursing home staff. The moment you discover that negligence might be responsible for surgical or injury-related complications, get in touch with Bloomingdale nursing home attorneys as soon as you can.

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Should you suspect that abuse or neglect may be responsible for compromising residents’ quality of life, contact Malman Law today for a free case evaluation with a Bloomingdale nursing home lawyer.