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Nursing home care should be a few things: it should be compassionate, safe, high-quality, and easily accessible. While many facilities adhere to those types of guidelines, others don’t, which may lead to the need to hire a nursing home abuse lawyer. If you suspect that there is a case at hand of nursing home abuse or neglect, you should get help immediately. Some of the signs of nursing home neglect are harder to spot than others. Here are a few to look out for.

Financial Exploitation

Residents in nursing homes are, unfortunately, particularly susceptible to being manipulated into giving their money to a staff member. Whether it’s unexplained purchases showing up on bills or a recent addition to a person’s will that seems questionable, this type of manipulation can be dealt with in the legal system. Contact a Bridgeview nursing home attorney if you suspect someone you know has been financially manipulated while in a Bridgeview nursing home.

Verbal Harassment

Verbal harassment can encompass several different things. This could mean that a resident is yelled at, or that they are belittled, or even that they are humiliated at the hands of staff. Nursing home employees should be providing compassionate care to residents, and if that isn’t the case, a nursing home abuse lawyer may be able to help you with your case. Residents may be reluctant to report verbal abuse, so it’s important to listen to someone if they tell you something is wrong.


Nutrition is important for anyone, but residents in nursing homes have to depend on the facility’s employees to ensure they are served nutritious, healthy food at appropriate mealtimes. If this is not the case, residents may experience weight loss and malnourishment. You don’t have to accept this as the norm if you or someone you know has been dealing with malnutrition in a Bridgeview nursing home. Schedule an appointment with a Bridgeview nursing home attorney for advice on how to proceed.

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