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When you’re dealing with possible cases of nursing home abuse, it can sometimes be difficult to tell if what you’re experiencing is actually abuse. Some signs are easy to read and can be easily labeled as abuse, but sometimes, you might be unsure. If that’s the case, and you’re staying in a Burbank nursing home in Illinois, talking with a Burbank, IL nursing home attorney can help shed some light on your situation. Some signs of abuse are easy to see, however.


Malnutrition can be easy to spot, since residents will begin to lose weight or become unhealthy if they are not getting the proper nutrition. They may also tell you about instances where they are not served nutritious meals. If that has been your experience or someone you know is dealing with not being fed proper meals, Illinois nursing home abuse lawyers can give you the help you need to make the situation right.

Unexplained Injuries

If someone you know has injuries like scrapes, cuts, bruises, or broken bones and you don’t know how the injuries happened, this could be a sign of abuse. If there is no record of a resident getting hurt, it may be due to the injury happening at the hand of someone on staff. Of course, this is something terrible that you don’t want to consider as a possibility, but if that is the case at a Burbank facility you or someone you know is staying at, it’s important to get a Burbank, IL nursing home attorney involved.

Medication Errors

Medication errors like missed doses, improper dosages, or incorrect prescriptions being dispensed can cause serious problems or even death. It can be a sign of abuse that’s easy to spot—if a person’s health status suddenly changes, it could be due to a medication error. Talk to Illinois nursing home abuse lawyers about the steps you can take to make the situation right.

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