Chicago Ridge, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

Every so often, you probably see a news report that details incidents of nursing home neglect or abuse. We all hope that these things never happen to anyone we know and care about, but the sad truth is that problems in nursing homes are a lot more common than one might think. Figuring out what to do about nursing home cases like these is difficult, but what might be even more confusing is how to define what constitutes the need for a Chicago Ridge nursing home lawyer. Here are a few things to look out for if you think someone you love may be in danger.

Medication Errors

Medication errors can be a big sign that something is wrong in a nursing home.  Complications can arise from someone taking the wrong medication, and this can even cause death if there is a drug interaction. If you suspect there’s issues with medications, don’t hesitate to contact a nursing home negligence lawyer for help with how to proceed.

Emotional Trauma

A nursing home should be a safe place for you and the people you care about. Unfortunately, some nursing homes don’t take the necessary time to ensure their staff is comprised of reliable, trustworthy people who have no history of abusing or mistreating nursing home residents. If this has been the case for you or anyone you know, a Chicago Ridge nursing home lawyer can discuss your options with you.


When you notice that someone you know is staying in a nursing home and isn’t getting the appropriate amount of food or is being denied the proper nutrition to keep them optimally healthy, it can be hard to handle. If you are unsure of whether to contact a nursing home negligence lawyer, know that malnutrition can also be an indication that there’s neglect or abuse going on elsewhere in the facility.

Malman Law: Knowledgeable Chicago Ridge Nursing Homes Abuse Lawyers

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