Cicero, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

Nursing home facilities should be places where residents can expect high-quality, compassionate care from the staff. Sadly, this is not always the case, with understaffed homes, untrained employees, and other issues that may lead to neglect or abuse. It can be difficult to decipher what constitutes abuse or neglect, however, so you may need to discuss your situation with a nursing home abuse lawyer for further advice. In the meantime, here are a few of the more common signs of abuse within nursing homes.

Wrongful Care

Wrongful care covers a variety of different forms of neglect or abuse. It could mean that residents don’t have access to nutritious meals, adequate amounts of activity or exercise, or limited socialization opportunities, or it could mean residents don’t have access to enough medical staff or that they are unnecessarily restrained. Whatever the situation is, if you or someone you know hasn’t received the best care in a Cicero nursing home, a Cicero nursing home attorney can help you build a case.

Financial Exploitation

Some nursing home residents are more vulnerable to being manipulated for their money, and sadly, some staff members will take advantage of that vulnerability. Legal action can be taken against employees who try to extort money or trick residents into giving them funds. If you know someone this has happened to, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer today.

Verbal Harassment

It’s difficult to think that someone would humiliate, belittle, or yell at a nursing home resident, but sometimes staff members have not been fully vetted before being hired.  Verbal abuse can take a toll on a resident’s emotional and mental health, and shouldn’t be tolerated. It’s important to listen to the people you know if they talk about verbal abuse within a nursing home. Getting help from a Cicero nursing home attorney is the first step in getting the problem rectified.

Contact Qualified Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in Cicero

If you or someone you care about is staying in a nursing home and has experienced these or other signs of neglect or abuse, a nursing home abuse lawyer at Malman Law can help.