Crystal Lake, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

Nursing homes carry the complete responsibility of providing compassion, comfort and dignity in resident care. A growing number of nursing homes is not meeting these standards. If you or a loved one has endured through any instances of neglect or abuse at a Crystal Lake nursing facility, you should contact a Crystal Lake nursing home lawyer for a close look at your case. Here are some signs of abuse or neglect that require attention.


All nursing homes need to adhere to individualized nutritional care plans, and if a facility fails to meet their requirements, this can lead to harmful malnutrition. Malnutrition is a sign that negligent behavior is taking place at a nursing home. If residents aren’t being properly fed and appear to be malnourished, it’s important to talk to a nursing home attorney immediately for legal assistance.


Elderly nursing home residents are more susceptible to complications arising from injuries or surgery because of weaker immune systems. Infection and other harmful comlications can reveal a lack of proper care. Sepsis is an infection that can be life-threatening. If you know a resident affected by sepsis, discuss the situation with Crystal Lake nursing home attorneys for advice on the proper steps to take.

Unexplained Injuries & Falls

Residents at nursing homes may experience injuries such as scratches, bruises, or even broken bones. These could be the result of abusive behavior, or they could result from neglect as it pertains to the nursing home environment, which can cause painful falls to occur. In the event of any unexplained injuries or falls experienced at a facility in Crystal Lake, a Crystal Lake nursing home attorney can be where you turn for help.

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