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If you’ve ever researched nursing home ratings, you know that sometimes, certain facilities don’t treat their residents as well as they should. If you or someone you love is experiencing nursing home abuse, it’s recommended you discuss the case with Illinois nursing home abuse attorneys to get advice about how to change the situation. If you’re unsure of what constitutes abuse, there are several common things that residents report.

Unreasonable Restraint

In some situations, restraining residents is what is medically necessary. For example, if a resident has a history of falling out of bed and getting hurt, restraints may help them stay safer. However, some staff members use restraints improperly, to immobilize or subdue residents—using hand and arm restraints or tightly tucked in sheets, or even using pharmaceuticals such as sleeping aids or extra doses of a patient’s normal medications. These are all signs of nursing home abuse, and if you know someone in a Dolton nursing home who has dealt with these experiences, contacting a Dolton nursing home lawyer can help you decide how to proceed.

Wrongful Care

Wrongful care can include anything from failing to provide nutritious meals to ignoring a resident’s requests, complaints and concerns. It can also include misdiagnosis or mistreatment and malpractice. Wrongful nursing home care is something that shouldn’t happen in nursing homes or medical facilities in general, but unfortunately sometimes does. Illinois nursing home abuse attorneys have dealt with cased across a variety of situations surrounding abuse, and if you need help with your case, they are there with answers.

Sexual Harassment

Elderly patients can be vulnerable to sexual harassment in nursing homes, because some staff members have not been fully vetted before being hired. There may be pressure on residents not to speak up about harassment, and the lack of a strong support system or feeling isolated may cause residents not to report instances of abuse in this form. You shouldn’t have to put up with sexual harassment in a nursing home. If you have experienced this type of abuse in a Dolton nursing facility, a Dolton nursing home lawyer can help you seek legal recourse.

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