Elgin, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

Nursing home care is supposed to ensure that you or your loved ones receive quality, dignified care. This relies on the idea that nursing home management hires only staff who have no history of neglecting or abusing residents. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, which leads to the need for Illinois nursing home neglect lawyers. If you or someone you love has experienced these or any other signs of nursing home neglect or abuse in an Elgin, Illinois facility, an Elgin, IL nursing home attorney can help.

Wrongful Care

Inappropriate care in the context of nursing homes could mean failure to provide opportunities for exercise or socialization, misdiagnosis or improper treatment, or ignoring a resident’s complaints and concerns. These are sub-par conditions for nursing care residents and should not be accepted. If you need help dealing with neglectful care in an Elgin nursing home, contact an Elgin, IL nursing home attorney.


Nursing homes are required to provide adequate meal service to their residents, so malnutrition is a sign that staff is neglecting their duties to take care of residents in the facility. No one should have to worry about why they aren’t being fed, especially when they are paying to be taken care of. If this has been your experience or you know someone this is happening to, contacting Illinois nursing home neglect lawyers is the first step to getting the situation sorted out and corrected.

Verbal Harassment

Nursing home residents should be treated with respect and dignity, but sometimes staff members don’t adhere to that policy. When residents are belittled, harassed, yelled at, or humiliated, they may feel pressure not to report the incident. It’s important that if someone tells you they have been verbally harassed while staying in an Elgin nursing home, that you don’t ignore it. Talk to an Elgin, IL nursing home attorney for advice on what you should do.

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