Hazel Crest, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

Staying in a nursing home can be stressful enough for people without the added worry of nursing home abuse. Sadly, many residents in various facilities report issues that can be considered neglect or abuse. Thankfully, there are lawyers that can seek justice for people who have experienced this. Illinois nursing home abuse lawyers make it their priority to fight for the rights of nursing home residents and their families.  Some situations may be hard to define as abuse, however others are pretty clear cut.

Bed Sores

Bed sores develop and worsen when nursing home staff is neglectful or ignores residents. They can cause serious health problems, and are easily preventable, which is why their presence is often a sign of nursing home abuse. If you or someone you love has developed new or worsening pressure ulcers while staying in a Hazel Crest facility, contacting a Hazel Crest nursing home attorney is the first step you can make to seeking justice.

Unreasonable Restraint

Residents may sometimes benefit from restraint, particularly if they need to remain still after surgery or if they have a history of falling out of bed and getting hurt. However, some staff members may use restraints improperly, using hand or arm restraints or tucking residents tightly into bed, or even using medication to subdue residents. This is a clear sign of abuse, and should not be tolerated. Illinois nursing home abuse lawyers can help you get more information and help dealing with your situation if this has happened to you or someone you love.

Financial Manipulation

Elderly nursing home residents may be vulnerable to financial manipulation if staff is dishonest. If you notice suspicious additions to someone’s will or unexplained charges on their financial accounts, this could be a sign that someone at the facility is exploiting a resident. Speak with a Hazel Crest nursing home attorney to find out what you can do about that.

Malman Law: Contact the Aggressive Hazel Crest Nursing Homes Abuse Lawyers

Nursing home abuse should be taken very seriously, but it is of some comfort knowing that there are lawyers that can help. Contact Malman Law today if you need help with a case involving neglect or abuse at a nursing home.