Highland Park, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

Nursing homes are always required to provide a comfortable and caring environment for all residents. When a facility allows inadequacies to form, it reveals a serious neglect for proper care that can severely damage residents both physically and emotionally. Highland Park nursing home attorneys are available for residents who are victimized by negligent or abusive nursing home staff members.

Don’t Ignore the Signs

There are certain indications of mistreatment that are more visible than others, and here are a few to bring up immediately when noticed. Three of the more common signs include bedsores (also called pressure ulcers) that occur when staff members fail to turn a patient in bed enough, emotional trauma possibly caused by inadequate mental health care, and financial manipulation involving changed wills or payments for preferential treatment instilled by nursing staff. These signs could show that it’s necessary for a nursing home to undergo additional inspection for deficiencies.

Request a Consultation With Reliable Highland Park Nursing Homes Abuse Lawyers

Any and all forms of abuse and neglect at a nursing home need resolution right away, preventing damage to residents’ wellbeing. Contact Malman Law to talk with a Highland Park nursing home lawyer, who can handle any cases of nursing home mistreatment in or near Highland Park.