Hillside, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

When our loved ones are in nursing home care, we expect that they will be treated with compassion and dignity. This treatment relies the ability of facility management to hire qualified staff that have been background-checked in order to prevent instances of neglect or abuse. Unfortunately, some nursing homes don’t do the best job to hire high-quality employees, and this is how cases of neglect come to be. If you or someone you know has experienced these or any signs of neglect while staying in a Hillside, IL nursing home, contacting a Hillside, IL nursing home attorney can help you figure out what to do next.

Wrongful Care

Wrongful care is a term that can encompass poor nutrition, failure to provide opportunity for exercise or socialization, ignoring a resident’s concerns, illegal restraint, and overmedication, among other things. Nursing staff should strive to provide residents with adequate care, and if they do not, it is a sign of neglect. You don’t have to tolerate this. Contacting Illinois nursing home neglect lawyers is the first step to take to bettering the situation.

Bed Sores

Bed sores are a sure sign of neglect, as they develop or are worsened when residents are not tended to on a regular-enough basis. Since bed sores can further develop into even worse health problems, it is essential for nursing staff to be on guard and proactive to prevent them. If bed sores are an issue for you or someone you love who is staying in a Hillside, IL nursing facility, get in touch with a Hillside, IL nursing home attorney for help.

Medication Errors

Since prescription medications come with often-rigid dosage instructions, it’s extremely important for nursing home staff to pay careful attention to what they are dispensing to residents. Mistakes can have serious or even tragic effects, and if you know someone who has problems with their medication at a nursing home, Illinois nursing home neglect lawyers can help. They can offer advice and a consultation about how to proceed with your case.

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