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It’s becoming increasingly common that nursing homes are reported for abusing or neglecting the residents staying at them. When your loved ones stay in nursing care, you should be able to rest easy knowing they’re in good hands. Sadly, sometimes this isn’t the case. If you’re wondering what constitutes needing help from nursing home neglect lawyer, here are a few symptoms and signs to be looking for.

Verbal Belittling

Some of the warning signs of verbal abuse and belittling within a nursing home include yelling, snapping, insults, or humiliation. If someone you know has complained of these or any other verbal abuse symptoms while in the care of a nursing home, it’s important not to ignore the claims. Contact a Joliet nursing home attorney today and get help with your case. Ensure your loved ones are treated with compassion when they’re in nursing home care.


Depression is another sign that you may need to call a nursing home neglect lawyer. While many residents are in poor health in nursing homes, this is no explanation for dampened spirits and feeling lethargic or depressed. Often, depression symptoms reported by residents are caused by the conditions they have experienced within the nursing home. Whether inattentive staff, lack of activity, or other reasons are the cause, a nursing home neglect lawyer can help you sort out the details and prepare a case.

Medication Errors

It’s imperative that residents be given the correct medications—both the correct drugs and the correct dosages. Mix-ups and errors can have serious consequences, even including death if there is a drug interaction caused by the error. If this has been your experience or you know someone who has had issues with medication errors, a Joliet nursing home attorney will be able to tell you what to do next.

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