Libertyville, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

Nursing homes should never allow irresponsible staff behavior to affect residents in any way. Libertyville nursing home attorneys will address any abuse or neglect that occurs in or around Libertyville, preventing serious harm to residents if harm hasn’t been done already. The biggest problem with nursing homes is that visitors can’t be there all the time to watch over those they love, which is why it’s important to look for any signs during any visit.

Nursing Home Abuse Signs

The signs of abuse and neglect are numerous. There are a few to look for when you see a loved one which are easier to spot, such as medication errors that indicate a serious lack of attention to individuals’ care plans, unexplained injuries that could result from an unsafe facility or abusive staff members, and verbal harassment which can reveal itself in the form of visible emotional pain. Signs such as these should never be ignored, and warrant the immediate contact of an attorney.

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