Lombard, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

Nursing home residents require special assistance to enjoy a comfortable life, which is why nursing home employees are responsible for administering the best possible care. Sadly, nursing homes don’t always meet the standards they’re required to meet, and this can cause severe emotional or physical trauma for residents. If you have observed any signs or symptoms of neglectful or abusive behavior on the part of nursing home staff, contact a Lombard nursing home attorney to discuss your case. Here are some more common signs of abuse of which to be aware.

Sexual Harassment

Residents who experience any form of sexual harassment can find the experiences too embarrassing and traumatizing to bring up to anyone. They may even experience fear of staff retaliation, even if they have a strong support system. The moment someone staying at a Lombard nursing home brings up any instances of abuse to you, contact a Lombard nursing home lawyer to discuss your next steps.

Inadequate Nutrition

Nursing homes are required to take care of all nutritional needs of each individual resident. Neglect to follow nutritional care plans can result in deteriorating physical or mental health—which is why nursing home attorneys can be consulted immediately in order to help bring the responsible staff to justice.

Medication Errors

Caution is always required when nursing homes administer medication. Failure to give medication to residents correctly can be detrimental to their mental or physical health, and can even result in death in extreme cases. If medication errors have occurred or continue to happen in Lombard, you can discuss matters with Lombard nursing home attorneys to rectify the situation.

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