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Niles, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

If you or someone you care about is a resident in a nursing home, there’s an expectation of receiving adequate, compassionate care. Residents rely on the facility for this care, and rely on the management to hire staff that is qualified to work there and provide that care. Unfortunately, sometimes facilities don’t take the appropriate measures to hire quality staff, and this can lead to instances of nursing home neglect. Illinois nursing home neglect lawyers have experience dealing with these cases, and if you or someone you love has experienced nursing home neglect in a facility in Niles, contacting a Niles, IL nursing home attorney is the first step.

Inappropriate Nutrition

Staying in a nursing home means that all of your needs should be met, and this obviously includes being provided with healthy meals that cover proper nutrition. When facilities don’t do this, however, it’s considered neglectful. Illinois nursing home neglect lawyers have dealt with situations in the past where nursing homes were providing inadequate nutrition to their residents. If this has been your experience, discuss your case with one of our nursing home abuse lawyers to get the situation rectified.

Verbal Harassment

Some people are just not cut out to work in nursing facilities. Whether they can’t handle the pressure or just don’t like the work, some of them decide to take out their unhappiness on the residents via verbal harassment. Belittling, yelling at, or humiliating residents are all forms of nursing home abuse and neglect. If you or someone you know has been dealing with this form of neglect in a Niles facility, contact a Niles, IL nursing home attorney for help getting justice.

Financial Exploitation

If someone you know is staying in a nursing home and tells you about instances of putting a staff member into their will, or if you provide care for someone and notice unexplained charges on their financial accounts, this can be a sign of financial exploitation. Manipulation can be common in nursing homes, but you can do something about it. Talking to Illinois nursing home neglect lawyers can shed some light on what your options are.

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When you need help with a nursing home neglect case, getting advice from a Niles, IL nursing home attorney is the first step. Contact Malman Law today for a consultation.

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