Norridge, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

Too often, nursing homes don’t take the time necessary to ensure the staff treats residents with the highest quality of care. Whether this is due to not having time or just apathy, you shouldn’t have to worry about how you or your loved ones are treated when staying in a nursing home. But how do you know if you should contact a nursing home abuse attorney? Here are a few common signs of abuse within nursing facilities.


Elderly patients have weakened immune systems, and the risk of infection after surgeries or injuries is higher than it is in younger people. For this reason, it’s important that nursing homes provide adequate medical care for their residents. When this isn’t the case, sepsis can be deadly. This type of neglect should not be tolerated. Contact a nursing home abuse attorney if you need more help.

Life-Threatening Injuries

Whether injuries are fractures from unexplained falls or cuts, bruises, and scrapes from an unsafe environment within the facility, life-threatening injuries can happen at any time if a nursing home isn’t actively working to prevent them. If you or someone you know is staying in a nursing home that has unsafe grounds, it’s important to talk to Norridge nursing home lawyers for advice on how you can proceed.

Financial Exploitation

Financial exploitation happens frequently in nursing homes, especially with elderly residents who are vulnerable to being manipulated. When someone you know talks about revising their will to add someone who works at the facility, or if they tell you about money gone missing or you notice mysterious transactions on their statements, don’t let these complaints go uninvestigated. Discussing the issue with a nursing home abuse attorney is the first step in getting things sorted out.

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