Palatine, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

Nursing homes that fail to provide appropriate care to residents can cause unacceptable harm. Nursing home residents may be afraid to speak up about irresponsible nursing staff out of fear, but it’s important to take immediate action as soon as you notice warning signs. Palatine nursing home attorneys can help relieve the pain caused by inadequate care.

Look for Any Signs

There are ways to find out if nursing home employees are abusive or neglectful in their care. Here are a few signs to watch for when visiting a resident: emotional trauma instilled by inaccessible mental health care or even humiliation by staff members, medication errors that can worsen physical or mental health conditions, and unexplained injuries such as cuts or bruises, which could indicate physical abuse.

Malman Law: Knowledgeable Palatine Nursing Homes Abuse Lawyers

Whenever a nursing home resident mentions instances of abuse or neglect, they should be taken very seriously. If you are aware of any suspected mistreatment in Palatine, nursing home abuse lawyers at Malman Law can help bring peace to residents, starting with a free case evaluation.