Palos Heights, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

All members of staff at a nursing home should care for all residents with equally high quality treatment. Unfortunately, many nursing homes fall short in their resident care, which can cause serious harm to residents and defeat the purpose of placing them in a nursing home altogether. To ensure that unfairly treated residents receive the compensation and comfort they need, consult a Palos Heights nursing home attorney right away.

Be Aware of the Signs

There are many ways to detect negligence or abuse in a nursing home, some more visible than others, but here are simply a few to keep a lookout for during visit to the nursing facility: Financial exploitation such as unexplained charges on financial accounts, will changes, medication errors that can present serious physical or mental issues, and unexplained falls or fractures can all indicate an unsafe facility. There are many other signs that, when observed, can help initiate an investigation into a nursing home’s wrong doings.

Contact the Qualified Palos Heights Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers of Malman Law

If you have discovered any possible signs of abuse or neglect at a nursing home in Palos Heights, the next crucial step is to contact a Palos Heights nursing home lawyer at Malman Law, where you can receive the right representation through a free consultation.