Skokie, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

It is the duty of every nursing home to provide exceptional care for every resident. Some nursing homes fail to meet the mandatory standards when it comes to proper care, which results in unacceptable physical and emotional harm to residents. If you become aware of abuse or neglect taking place at a nursing home in Skokie, contact a Skokie nursing home attorney to help develop your case. If you suspect abuse is happening, look for the most common signs of nursing home neglect.

Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma isn’t simply limited to typical depression and anxiety symptoms. Without proper mental health care or socialization opportunities, residents may also suffer from emotional trauma. In any case, nursing home neglect attorneys can assist you in deciding on the best course of action.

Financial Exploitation

It can be easy for residents to be financially manipulated while staying at a nursing home. Residents may be misguided into paying for preferential treatment or other additional privileges. In some cases, nursing home staff may even attempt to influence residents to alter their wills to include them as monetary recipients. Nursing home residents in Skokie, IL who have lost money as a result of manipulative staff can receive help from a Skokie nursing home abuse lawyer.

Unexplained Falls or Injuries

Sometimes residents can suffer from seemingly inexplicable injuries. These could result from abuse at the hands of irresponsible staff, or they could happen because of painful falls. When falling incidents occur, it could mean that the nursing home resident is being neglected. You can discuss matters of abuse or neglect with a Skokie nursing home attorney to build a solid case.

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