South Elgin, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

You and your loved ones should always expect the best possible care when staying at a nursing home. Inadequacies are much more common in nursing homes than they should be. These shortcomings are why you should make sure to contact a South Elgin nursing home attorney in regards to any abusive or negligent care. If you aren’t entirely sure what signs indicate abuse or neglect at nursing homes, here are a few that happen more frequently.

Life-Threatening Injuries

Unfortunately, residents in nursing homes may experience injuries that turn out to be life-threatening because of abusive or neglectful situations. Sometimes injuries that are typically less serious can be deadly because of age-enhanced vulnerability. With instances involving severe injuries that put South Elgin residents at risk of death, it’s crucial to meet with a South Elgin nursing home lawyer to help determine whether or not you have a case.

Financial Exploitation

Nursing home residents can be financially manipulated by nursing home staff for a couple reasons: to encourage them to pay unnecessarily for additional privileges or even to ensure that staff members appear as beneficiaries on resident wills. If you catch unexplained payments on bills or other instances of lost money, speak to a nursing home abuse attorney right away to learn how to proceed.

Unreasonable Restraint

Certain patients may not cooperate with treatments that they require. In these cases, physical restraint may be needed, but if you become aware of situations where residents are unnecessarily restrained, it could be indicative of abuse. In the event of unreasonable restraint, you should discuss the situation with South Elgin nursing home attorneys to learn if you have a case.

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