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Every nursing home is required to provide the most comprehensive care for every resident. No resident should have to be concerned about receiving inadequate care, but there are nursing homes that have been unable to provide for every resident. This is because of either failing to hire quality staff or neglecting the maintenance of the home’s overall environment. In any case, a South Holland nursing home lawyer can defend all negatively affected residents in Chicago Heights in order to bring these issues to an end. If you aren’t aware of some of the common forms of abuse and neglect, here are a few that occur more often.

Unexplained Injuries

Nursing homes that fail to maintain their facility can produce harmful accident risks for residents. The cause of noticeable injuries appearing on residents may remain undisclosed. If you suspect a South Holland nursing home contains unkempt grounds that are responsible for harm to residents, contact a South Holland nursing home attorney for a complete examination of the case.

Emotional Trauma

Abuse and neglect isn’t always physically apparent, as residents can suffer from a number of conditions affecting their emotional health. Sadly, nursing home staff members don’t always cater to each resident’s needs in a timely or effective manner, which can be detrimental to their wellbeing. If you suspect a resident is suffering from emotional negligence, you can discuss it with a nursing home negligence lawyer for further advice.

Improper Nutrition

Residents often require a specific nutritional care plan. Nursing homes are expected to meet these requirements, but sometimes proper nutrition isn’t provided, which can cause significant harm to residents. Inadequate nutrition can be a sign of abuse or neglect occurring, which is why a South Holland nursing home lawyer should be consulted.

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