West Chicago, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

Nursing homes should always exercise the highest level of quality care. Many nursing homes respect the rights and privileges of nursing home residents, but others can fall behind and actually cause harm to residents. In cases of abuse and neglect at a nursing home in West Chicago, you should seek the legal help of a West Chicago nursing home lawyer. It isn’t always easy to identify instances of neglectful or abusive behavior, but here are a few that occur more frequently.

Medication Issues

It is the responsibility of all nursing homes to give residents access to the medications they require for a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, distracted or careless nursing home staff can prevent residents from receiving medication on time or at the right dose. If you are concerned that residents aren’t being properly treated with necessary medications, reach out to a nursing home negligence lawyer for immediate assistance.

Neglectful Care

Residents in nursing homes always deserve the best care to ensure a quality living experience. Improper care can be a result of a lack of socialization or exercise opportunities, misdiagnosis of harmful conditions and ailments, or the dismissal of resident complaints. If you are aware of a resident’s inadequate care, you can talk with West Chicago nursing home attorneys to develop a solid case.


Bedsores — also known as pressure ulcers — occur when residents confined to a bed aren’t turned over regularly. This condition is perfectly preventable, but once developed they can be difficult to treat and are prone to infection. If you know of a resident who suffers from bedsores as a result of neglectful staff, contact a West Chicago nursing home negligence attorney as soon as possible.

Connect with Trusted Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in West Chicago

Abuse and neglect of all forms should never occur at nursing homes. However, if you discover that improper treatment is being administered to residents, you can contact Malman Law for a free case evaluation with a West Chicago nursing home lawyer.