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As instances of nursing home abuse and neglect continue to rise, it’s important to be aware of your loved ones’ living situations in their nursing home facility. Unfortunately, it isn’t always clear, and in these cases a nursing home lawyer in Wheeling is crucial to building a case. To help you determine if someone you know is experiencing abuse at a nursing home, below are a few identifiable signs of neglect.

Failure to Give Proper Notice

nursing home abuse neglectIn certain instances of nursing home neglect, staff may not properly inform residents and their families of any changes made to their living conditions. This is against their expected duties and can result in changes that aren’t in the best interests of the resident. If you become aware of living conditions which neither you nor the resident were notified of by nursing staff, contact Wheeling nursing home lawyers to help determine the next step in developing your case.

Prescription Errors

It is nursing home staff’s responsibility to safely administer all medications to residents. One form of abuse in nursing homes is the failure to give residents the right medication at the right time. Nursing home attorneys can help determine if you have a case, as this type of error is a significant deficiency in resident care.


One of the most obvious symptoms of neglect is a pressure ulcer, or bedsore. Bedsores result from bedridden residents who aren’t turned from time to time by nursing home staff. If left untreated, bedsores can be problematic, becoming infected and difficult to heal. Contact a Wheeling nursing home lawyer to help ensure that the neglect ends and that the resident receives proper treatment.

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