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When you know someone in a nursing home or you yourself are a resident at a nursing facility, it’s not unreasonable to expect that the care given is compassionate, friendly, and efficient. Unfortunately, some nursing homes don’t take the appropriate amount of time to hire high quality staff, and that can lead to residents being neglected or even abused. While some instances of neglect and abuse are easy to spot, others aren’t so clear. So how do you know if you should hire a Woodstock nursing home lawyer?

Financial Manipulation

One of the harder-to-spot signs of nursing home abuse is financial manipulation. If someone you know mentions that they’ve added someone from the nursing staff to their will, or that they have new bills to pay that you are unaware of, or you notice unexplained charges on their financial accounts, this could be a sign of nursing home abuse. Illinois nursing home abuse lawyers will be able to give you advice on how to rectify a situation like this.


A bit easier to notice, bedsores are a sure sign of neglect in a nursing home. They are caused and worsened by staff being inattentive or ignoring residents for long periods of time. If someone you know is staying in a Woodstock nursing home and has developed bedsores, it’s important to take action right away, as infection can lead to more serious health problems. Talk with a Woodstock, IL nursing home lawyer about what your options are.

Emotional Trauma

When in a nursing home, residents should be treated with respect and dignity. Some staff, however, are not cut out for the profession and may belittle, humiliate, or yell at residents. If you or someone you has experienced emotional trauma caused by nursing staff, don’t hesitate to talk to Illinois nursing home abuse lawyers about what you can do.

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