Applewood Rehabilitation Center

Medicare has decided to give Applewood Rehabilitation Center a total rating of “much below average” in its inspection reports. A health inspection report of “much below average” and a staffing inspection with the same rating contributed to the overall rating. Instances of mistreatment as well as multiple deficiencies in quality care for residents were cited in the report.

Mistreatment of Residents

There should never be cases of neglect or abuse in nursing homes, but they happen a lot more often than we would like to believe. As a result, it should be anyone’s top priority to put a stop to it as soon as it becomes known to them, and with an elder attorney by you and your loved ones’ sides, you can be sure it will end in the victim’s favor.

According to the reports made by Medicare, Applewood Rehabilitation Center did not prevent the hiring of staff members with a history of mistreatment, and did not properly report instances of mistreatment of any kind. Policies preventing resident mistreatment were also absent.

Quality Resident Care Deficiencies

On several occasions, necessary care was not provided to residents to preserve their well being, and bed sores were also discovered. Certain residents requiring more assistance in movement were also found to have lacked the proper guidance. These and several other deficiencies further added to the resulting “much below average” health inspection rating.

Residents in nursing homes are there because they require additional attention and care, and when those requirements aren’t met, an elder care attorney can make sure these problems are reversed right away.

About Applewood Rehabilitation Center

Featuring cable TV, a garden, private phones and exercise programs, Applewood Rehabilitation Center also provides a number of services including respite care and wound care, various amenities, as well as clinical and contracted services.

Applewood Rehabilitation Center Contact Information

21020 Kostner Avenue

Matteson, IL 60443

(708) 747-1300

Don’t Allow Abuse to Happen

There’s never a reason to allow any instances of nursing home neglect or abuse to occur when it comes to your knowledge. With the help of Malman Law, you can receive the right representation to get your case the attention and settlement it needs.