Burnsides Community Health Center

Following recent Medicare inspections, the organization has given Burnsides Community Health Center a “much below average” overall rating. This is in conjunction with the “much below average” health inspection and quality measure ratings. Many different factors played into the determination of this rating, with instances of resident mistreatment and other deficiencies appearing in the report.

Insufficient Quality of Care

The Medicare report lists a number of times where Burnsides Community Health Center failed to provide the right care for residents to maintain their wellbeing. Bed sores were also found due to lack of treatment. There was also a lack of policies preventing abuse and other crimes from happening on the property, and staff were not required to have a background free of abuse and negligence charges.

The Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 has provided strict guidelines for nursing home staff, ensuring that they provide the right treatment and care for every resident. Should they dishonor these guidelines, they can face charges and an elder law attorney can offer proper representation for every victim of nursing home abuse.

Quality Measure Failures

According to the report made by Medicare, quality measures for this nursing home fell below both state and national standards. More short-stay residents reported moderate to severe pain and had bed sores, while more long-stay residents were found with urinary tract infections and reported pain. Other health issues with residents are mentioned in the quality measures.

No nursing home resident should ever be subject to mistreatment and negligent staff. When a loved one is found to have experienced these horrors, nursing home abuse lawyers can make it so they aren’t helpless.

For more information about this nursing home based on the report, see the Medicare site here.

About Burnsides Community Health Center

Open since 1963, Burnsides Community Health Center has offered respite care, therapy services and restorative services. They accept Medicare and Medicaid.

Burnsides Community Health Center Contact Information

410 North Second Street

Marshall, IL 62441

(217) 826-2358


Abuse and Neglect Shouldn’t Remain Overlooked

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