Chateau Nursing & Rehab Center

Following a health inspection that earned a rating of “much below average,” Medicare gave Chateau Nursing & Rehab Center a total rating of “much below average.” Several problems found with this nursing home included poor resident assessment along with environmental health risks, which were responsible for the overall rating in the end.

Resident Assessment Quality

In the health inspections performed by Medicare, it was discovered that Chateau Nursing & Rehab Center did not provide adequate assessments for each resident, or develop a care plan that works in residents’ best interests. Residents were also not given the right to take part in the development of their own care plans.

Any time a resident is not allowed access to a care plan that’s right for them, the nursing home staff are in violation of the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987, which has secured many rights for residents. In the event that these rights are violated, whether through neglect or abuse, an elder law attorney can be there to see to it that affected residents receive full compensation.

Deficiencies in Environment

Several inspections determined that this facility had not ensured an accident-free area, with a lack of supervision allowing for safety risks. The fire safety system was also found to be weak in certain areas, where corridors capable of blocking smoke were absent as well as smoke-resistant doors. Easily accessible exits were also not present in construction.

An improperly maintained building can be just as detrimental to resident’s health as neglectful or abusive staff. If a nursing home is found to have an inadequate environment suitable for residents, a nursing home abuse attorney can help get the facility to improve operations by representing these residents.

About Chateau Nursing & Rehab Center

With a 150-bed nursing facility, Chateau Nursing & Rehab Center provides medical professionals such as a Cardiologist, Pulmonologist and Physiatrist, offering rehabilitation, activity therapy, respite care and wound care, among other services.

Chateau Nursing & Rehab Center Contact Information

7050 Madison Street

Willowbrook, IL 60521

(630) 323-6380

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