Claremont Rehab & Living Center

Inspections made by Medicare have helped determine that a rating of “below average” is appropriate for Claremont Rehab & Living Center. The health inspection rating itself is “much below average” due to several issues found within the nursing home’s operations, which contributed to the overall “below average” rating given. These ratings are in accordance with Medicare national standards for nursing homes.

Harm to Residents

Nursing home residents should never be put in harm’s way, and if they are in any way, whether through neglect or abuse, elder law attorneys can prevent further instances from occurring ever again. The Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 was put into action to protect all nursing home residents from even the possibility of harm.

Several deficiencies listed in Claremont Rehab & Living Center’s Medicare inspection report were shown as causing actual harm to residents, including the failure to develop proper policies for screening employees and training them to ensure they had no histories of abuse, not keeping the property free of accident risks, and inability to make sure that nurse aides working for less than the minimum amount of time had been determined to be competent.

Problems with Fire Safety Systems

Mistreatment of residents doesn’t simply come in the form of direct ignorance or harm inflicted by staff, but also the structure of the building itself. Illinois nursing home lawyers also build a case around the fact that nursing homes might be constructed in such a way that accommodates for fire hazards and other causes for injury.

In the Medicare inspections, it was found that inadequate safety measures were put into the construction of corridors and doors, which allowed for smoke to pass through and did not resist fire long enough. There also was no record of quarterly fire drills conducted in various conditions.

About Claremont Rehab & Living Center

Offering long-term nursing care to the elderly, Claremont Rehab & Living Center specializes in treatment for those with disabilities with hospice and dialysis services. This home accepts both Medicare and Medicaid and contains 200 beds for its residents.

Claremont Rehab & Living Center Contact Information

150 North Weiland Road

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

(847) 465-0200

Nursing Home Residents Always Deserve the Best

When someone is in an assisted living situation, nothing short of the best care should be provided by any nursing home. Malman Law’s team of Illinois nursing home attorneys will help make sure that nursing homes do their part in maintaining a healthy environment, awarding full compensation for victims of any mistreatment.