Crystal Pines Rehab & HCC

In a past Medicare report, Crystal Pines Rehabilitation & Health Care Center has been cited for deficiencies in specific areas, resulting in a “below average” rating overall. This rating was given because of multiple failures to meet Medicare standards in resident care, fire safety and building requirements. Because of these issues, the health inspection rating was also “below average.”

Deficiencies in Quality Care

As appears in Medicare’s report, this nursing home has been cited in the past for not providing the proper care for residents. Contributing to this is the fact that the facility doesn’t prevent the hiring of those with histories of abuse and has failed to pay necessary attention to instances of mistreatment and neglect.

These and other issues are exactly what should not be happening to residents in nursing homes. You can easily see the respect of resident rights returned to them with a nursing home abuse lawyer working for you and those you want to protect.

Faults in Building Design

Along with not being sufficient enough in quality care, the report cites that the facility itself is not properly equipped with corridors that can block off smoke, fire-resistant walls, emergency lighting, maintained smoke detection systems, or heating and ventilation systems installed correctly.

These and many other deficiencies are why your best interests are served with a nursing home lawyer accompanying you, putting a permanent end to the abuse.

About Crystal Pines Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

Providing restorative therapy to residents, Crystal Pines Health Care Center also offers a variety of other services such as physical, speech and occupational therapies, wound care, IV therapy, and exercise activities.

Contact Information:

335 North Illinois Avenue

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

(815) 459-7791

Don’t Let Abuse Slip Past You

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