Danville Care Center

Past reports by Medicare give Danville Care Center an overall rating of “much below average,” which is a result of numerous gaps in resident treatment and facility design. Also due to these problems, the health inspection rating was “much below average” in the report.

Resident Care Deficiencies

The Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 was put into effect specifically to protect nursing home residents from improper treatment and violation of rights. Unfortunately, abuse and neglect still occur in many nursing homes, which is why a nursing home abuse attorney is there to represent wronged residents in Illinois at all times.

In the report, Danville Care Center was cited for not providing proper treatment for bed sores, personal assistance for residents requiring it, and on a couple of occasions putting together policies that prevent abuse and other crimes from occurring.

Fire Safety and Prevention Hazards

Aside from deficiencies in resident care, the nursing home was also reported by inspectors as lacking in proper fire safety precautions, with certain hallways unable to cut off smoke, and insufficient fire extinguishing.

Several other deficiencies helped in determining the overall less-than-average rating. Having a nursing home abuse lawyer working to correct these and other issues, anyone you know who’s hurting from abuse and neglect in nursing homes can receive much needed compensation.

About Danville Care Center

Offering 24-hour nursing care, restorative and other specialized services, Danville Care Center provides services which include: Physical, occupational and speech therapy along with respite, hospice and obesity care. Other social services are also offered.

Contact Information:

1701 North Bowman

Danville, IL 61832

(217) 443-2955


Receive the Representation You Need

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