Embassy Health Care Center

The overall Medicare rating for Embassy Health Care Center is “below average,” as a result of more recent health inspections which found deficiencies in a number of areas. The health inspection and staffing ratings were below average, which culminated in the final “below average” rating. The inspections detail times when residents were not treated adequately out of respect for their needs and wants.

Resident Treatment Inadequacies

The Medicare report shows that care was not given to residents in order to preserve the highest quality lifestyle possible and ensure that proper nutrition was received by residents. Residents were also not notified about transfers and discharges, or given reasons for them. Also, the report states that each individual resident was not always accommodated for entirely.

Abusive or neglectful behavior is detrimental for nursing home residents no matter how small. As soon as you suspect that a resident you know and love is being mistreated at all, a nursing home lawyer can be your best bet in assisting them for full compensation.

Other Shortcomings

The Medicare report also lists instances of environmental deficiencies such as failing to ensure a safe, risk-free facility, and to implement effective infection control programs. Call systems were also not found to be located within resident rooms or bathrooms. On one occasion, the administrators were discovered to have failed to meet local, professional, Federal and State standards in their services and operations.

Any nursing home not meeting the health and comfort requirements of each and every resident needs to undergo reformation until it does. Illinois nursing home abuse lawyers can make sure that these nursing homes meet all state and national standards, providing relief for residents who have been victimized by unprofessional staff.

About Embassy Health Care Center

A for-profit nursing home accepting Medicare and Medicaid, Embassy Health Care Center offers services such as physical therapy, pharmaceuticals, nursing, dietary services, dental care, podiatry and social work services.

Embassy Health Care Center Contact Information

555 West Kahler

Wilmington, IL 60481

(815) 476-2200


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